An Article Review on Crime Prevention

Given the modern society experiences a crime rate surge nowadays, academic assignments covering the subject are rather common. The reason is simple and clear: the problem is a major concern not only for government bodies and criminologists, but also for common citizens in most countries of the world. Legal methods traditionally used to fight against criminals often prove to be ineffective. Consequently, the academic community is expected to come up with new, alternative approaches and concepts.
That said, the importance of sociology and other sciences able to contribute to crime prevention is now as high as never before. This is why students majoring in different knowledge areas may face assignments focused on the problem. An article review on a specified subject is one of the most popular paper types written in both high and higher school. To complete the task successfully, it is vital to be familiar with certain basic guidelines in regard to the paper’s structure and contents. Along with that, you should have a good command of the subject you are to investigate. Let’s discuss some key facts to keep in mind when it comes to crime prevention.

  • Family is the society’s outpost on the battlefield of delinquency prevention. Studies show that children brought up in unstable families are prone to illegal behavior more often than those coming from solid families. The lack of parental supervision and involvement is what we, as a society, should avoid by any means.
  • The fear of incarceration is not the most effective preventative tool. Actually, the society can boost the efficiency of its joined efforts by moving the accent from punishment towards elimination of risk factors. Finding out what exactly can lead to criminal behavior can save social energy spent on drug/alcohol abuse reduction, impulsive crime prevention, changing established bad behavior patterns etc.
  • The level of education is another important factor, which has been proven to be directly related to a person’s proneness to delinquency. This means educating kids at a young age is of a primary social importance. Studies show that even children from problem families can be moved beyond the risk zone through consistent education.
  • Civil laws provide an effective tool to fight against delinquency propagation in the society. The approach is based on activation of extra supervision mechanisms to prevent minor offences from turning into a real crime punishable under the criminal law.
  • You should also be aware of the fact that some trivial measures like street lighting improvement can go a long way towards delinquency reduction too. Topical studies reveal a clear correlation between night street lighting in cities and crime rates.

A keen student can find out more facts and statistical data on crime prevention. Fortunately, there is plenty of literature on the subject. This facilitates the task of writing an article review. Make sure, however, you pick only the most interesting information to keep your paper concise.

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